What Training Do You Need for Mental Health?

Mental health has become a vital focus for many organisations, recognising that a healthy workforce is a productive one. In the UK, businesses in cities like London, Leicester, Warwick, and Oxford are increasingly investing in mental wellness training to support their employees’ well-being. But what exactly does this training involve, and why is it so important?

Understanding Mental Wellness Training

Mental wellness training is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to support their own mental health and that of their colleagues. It aims to create a work environment where mental health issues can be openly discussed and addressed without stigma. This training typically includes several key components:

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Similar to physical first aid, MHFA teaches people how to identify, understand, and help someone experiencing a mental health issue. This training is crucial because early intervention can prevent mental health issues from escalating, ensuring individuals get the support they need promptly. It covers a range of topics, from recognising the signs of mental health conditions to providing initial support and guiding someone towards professional help.

Stress Management

Stress management training focuses on recognising the signs of stress and learning techniques to manage it effectively. Chronic stress can lead to burnout, decreased productivity, and various health problems. By learning how to manage stress, employees can improve their overall well-being and performance. Techniques often include mindfulness, time management, and relaxation exercises.

Resilience Building

Resilience training helps individuals develop the ability to bounce back from challenges and setbacks. This is crucial for maintaining mental health, especially in high-pressure environments. Resilience training often includes strategies for coping with adversity, maintaining a positive outlook, and building a support network.

Awareness Workshops

Awareness workshops aim to educate employees about mental health, breaking down myths and fostering a supportive culture. Awareness is the first step towards change; when employees understand mental health, they are more likely to seek help and support others. These workshops often include discussions on common mental health conditions, the importance of seeking help, and how to support colleagues.

The Role of HR Consultants

HR consultants play a pivotal role in implementing and maintaining mental wellness training in organisations. They bring expertise and an external perspective that can be invaluable in addressing mental health in the workplace. Here’s how they contribute:

Assessment and Planning

HR consultants start by assessing the current state of mental health within the organisation. They identify key areas where support is needed and develop tailored training programs to address these needs. This involves understanding the unique pressures and challenges faced by employees and creating a plan that fits the organisation’s culture and goals.


Once the plan is in place, our HR consultants in London support the delivery of mental health training. This training is primarily conducted through our online platform, offering live interactive webinars and comprehensive online courses. Our professional approach ensures that the training is engaging and effective, helping employees to better understand and manage mental health issues.

Once the plan is in place, HR consultants in London facilitate the delivery of mental health training. This can be through live interactive webinars, online courses, or a combination of both. Professional delivery ensures that the training is engaging and effective, helping employees to better understand and manage mental health issues.

Ongoing Support

HR consultants provide ongoing support and resources to reinforce training. This includes follow-up sessions, access to mental health resources, and continuous evaluation of the training’s effectiveness. Ongoing support helps maintain momentum and ensures that mental health remains a priority in the workplace.

Practical Steps for Employers

Implementing mental wellness training in your organisation involves several practical steps:

  • Engage with HR Consultants: Start by consulting with a dedicated Harwood HR expert to assess your organisation’s needs. An external perspective can help identify key areas for improvement and ensure that the training is effective.
  • Implement Training Programs: Roll out tailored mental health training across the organisation. Ensure that the training is comprehensive and includes components such as MHFA, stress management, and resilience building.
  • Foster a Supportive Environment: Encourage open conversations about mental health and provide ongoing support. Create a culture where employees feel comfortable discussing mental health issues and seeking help.
  • Monitor and Evaluate: Regularly assess the impact of the training and make adjustments as needed. Continuous evaluation ensures that the training remains relevant and effective.

Empower Your Workforce with Tailored Mental Wellness Training

Investing in mental wellness training is more than just a tick-box exercise; it’s a strategic move to enhance employee well-being and drive organisational success. By partnering with experienced HR consultants like Harwood HR, you can implement effective training programs that support mental health, improve productivity, and create a positive work environment.

Harwood HR’s expertise in workplace mental health training and HR consulting services spans across London, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford and other cities in the UK. We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in different regions and offer tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. Whether you need comprehensive wellness programs, enhanced employee engagement strategies, or support in developing company policies, Harwood HR is equipped to guide your organisation towards a healthier, more prosperous future.

To learn more about how Harwood HR can help your business, give us a call at 0203 936 9171. Let’s discuss how our HR services can support your workforce’s mental health and well-being, so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business.


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