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Mental Wellness Training Courses

Prioritising Emotional Wellness

In the fast-paced world, prioritising emotional wellness in the workplace has become more crucial. Equip employees with the necessary tools and strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues that may affect their performance and productivity.

Our comprehensive programs are designed to increase understanding and awareness of mental health. These courses are tailored towards participants who wish to deepen their knowledge about mental health, whether for personal reasons or to support others in their community or workplace.


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How much does it cost?

At Harwood HR Solutions, we provide an extensive range of training courses, with a special emphasis on mental health awareness. Our thoughtfully designed programs are crafted to equip your team with essential skills and tools, fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace. The mental health awareness training course empowers participants with insights into understanding, managing, and promoting mental well-being. Better still, once you register for any of our training courses, you automatically gain access to our full range of training offerings!

Enhance your team’s mental health literacy with our portal and courses, available at a compelling price of just £11 per employee (ex VAT) per month upon registration on our portal. The cost can be further reduced to an incredible £2 per employee* by enrolling more than 1,000 participants. Simply put, as the number of users increases, the cost per user decreases. If you have a team of 1 or more than 600 employees to register, please reach out to us.

Call us to learn more on 0203 936 9171.

*Price per user representative of organisations with larger user numbers please speak to our team for a pricing proposal.


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