Here are some ideas of initiatives you could impliment:

The Seven Pillars of Employee Wellbeing

Wellness programmes that work

By implementing a solid employee wellness program, you can reduce stress-related absences, and you can also build a very resilient workforce too. If you want to make sure that your HR support services are actually benefiting your team, or if you want to explore the benefits of focusing on employee health and wellbeing, then this is the guide for you.


Health checks and even wellbeing benefits are all very good ways for you to support the physical and mental health of your team. Stress management should also be part of your health program, as it helps your team to deal with whatever work-related conflicts they may have to deal with, while teaching them valuable ways to cope with the pressure they are under.


Good Work

If you want your team to do good work, then you have to facilitate this. Make sure that their working area is ergonomic and free from distractions, while also providing a strong level of autonomy. Make sure that your team are not working more hours than they should be either, by ensuring that responsibilities are distributed evenly.


Inclusion is so important in the workplace. Sharing the organisations values can increase commitment and performance, as employees feel they are making a positive contribution. You have a responsibility to make sure that everyone is aware of their role, that they are trained to complete their duties, and that they also have a solid understanding of your general mission or objective.



Communication should be your primary focus as much as possible. Conflicts do happen in the workplace, but if they can be resolved and if you can foster a healthy team working environment, then this will help your team to function at a higher level of productivity.

Personal Growth

Your company may be growing, and this is great, but at the end of the day, you have to make sure that your team are growing with it. If your team members are yet to see a promotion on the horizon or if they can’t see themselves moving up the ladder, then this will have a profound impact on their mental health.


Good Lifestyle Choices

Encourage your team to be as healthy and as active as possible. Help them by encouraging them to sign up to your company’s gym membership program or even start a commercial sports team. By doing this, you can be sure to help them adopt a healthier lifestyle which will go on to benefit them at work.


Financial Wellbeing

Ensuring that your employees are paid fairly and that they are managing their money well is important. Offer support when it comes to putting away for retirement, and work with your team if you suspect that certain members are experiencing financial difficulty.

Pay as you go

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