Employment Contracts

When employing people in your business, it is vital that you have well-written contracts for your employees. This will help them understand the obligations they have to your business, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your business is compliant with government regulations. 

To help you understand more about employment contracts, we go into a little more detail below.

What Is Included In An Employment Contract

A contract should be drawn up for every new employee and it should be tailored to their specific job role. The contract should include:

  • Details of the employee’s job position
  • A list of the employee’s primary duties
  • The duration of employment
  • Salary information
  • Information regarding benefits, such as pensions, holiday entitlements, health insurance, etc.
  • Details surrounding possible grounds for termination
  • Guidelines around confidentiality

This list is not exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of what should be included in every contract.

The Benefits Of An Employment Contract

Employment contracts are mandatory and you can be fined if you don’t put contracts in place. However, above and beyond the fact that you need to remain compliant with government regulations, the implementation of employment contracts has many benefits. These include the following. 

Employment contracts reduce the risk of legal claims

When both parties (the employer and the employee) are in agreement with the contract’s terms and conditions, and they have signed the document, it reduces the chances of one party having grounds for legal action if the contract hasn’t been breached.

Employee contracts provide financial benefits to your business

With an employment contract, you can save money in all kinds of ways. As examples:

  • You won’t need to pay compensation in a legal claim if you haven’t breached the contract
  • You won’t pay more overtime and holiday pay than you need to
  • You won’t make mistakes when paying your employees their salaries

Employee contracts can protect the reputation of your business

As any business owner knows, a good or a bad reputation can make or break the business. With employment contracts in place, you will be able to maintain your positive reputation. Reasons include:

  • Protection from legal claims
  • Your employees won’t behave in ways that will bring your business into disrepute
  • You won’t be breaking employment laws
  • A confidentiality clause will ensure sensitive information isn’t leaked

Employment Contracts UK: Get In Touch With Our Team

For help with your employment contracts, get in touch with our professional team. At Harwood HR Solutions, we will write tailor-made business employment contracts for your staff. These will suit the needs of your particular business type and the roles of the employees in your care. They will also comply with legislation, with inclusions that will protect your business from any litigation claims.

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