What Goes Into A Small Business Employment Contract?

Depending on the status of your business, you may need to include additional terms, besides those included here. Please note that some of these terms became mandatory in April 2020. Small business employment contracts should contain the following elements:

Employment Contracts

Get professionally-written employment contracts for small business

That’s where Harwood HR Solutions helps. We assist with all your small business employment contracts ensuring that we cover all bases. With us, you save time and money, as well as avoid many legal pitfalls.

The Benefits Of Writing Small Business Employment Contracts

Just like large companies, small businesses also need to write employment contracts. It’s mandatory. At Harwood HR Solutions we understand that writing contracts that are fully compliant can be a challenge for small businesses, but it’s still a highly worthwhile activity. Explore our bespoke small business employee contract solutions for your company’s needs.

Employment Contracts for Small Businesses

Clear Protocols For Staff Leave

You need to make employees fully aware of their staff leave entitlements before they take a role. Thus, employment contracts must contain information relating to sick days, annual holidays, bereavement leave and maternity/paternity leave. Clarifying your position on these issues can help avoid problems in the future.

Improved Hiring

If your employees don’t have employment contracts, know where they stand. Most would like to know how long you intend to hire them. For instance, will they work in a role indefinitely, or for a specific term, after which, they’ll move on?

Contracts help to guarantee job security and, therefore, attract talented people to your firm. When staff feel like they have security, they are more likely to remain in their roles, improving engagement and cutting recruitment costs.

Better Understanding Of Employee Duties

Employment contracts also make it clear precisely what you expect of your new employee. They help to define the boundaries of the role, preventing confusion later on – lines that can sometimes be blurred in small businesses. Employees don’t want to step into a role, only to discover it’s not what they thought it was. Clarity from the start is key.

Employment contracts law

Organisations that fail to provide the statutory statement of main terms and conditions will breach the rights of their employee.

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Advice on Employment Contracts

There are also many types of employment contracts to consider here. Because of this, it can be a good idea to get advice on the law, to make sure they are all drawn up correctly.

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Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are mandatory and you can be fined if you don’t put contracts in place.

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Our retained HR service offers you all the benefits of having your own HR department, but at a fraction of the cost.

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Health and Safety

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Training and development

Convenient, flexible and affordable through our portal with NO upfront cost, employees will enjoy an enhanced learning environment.

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