Specialists in finding talent for small and medium sized businesses

As opposed to recruiting for a particular discipline or industry sector, our specialism here at Harwood HR is recruiting for SMEs. We fully understand what small businesses are about and understand the importance of finding the right fit for your business.

Spread the fee across 12 months


Many clients fully outsource their recruitment campaigns to us and with our RaaS (Recruitment-as-a-Service) offering you can spread the fee across 12 months. Alternatively, some clients like to manage the process themselves but utilise us for part of the recruitment process; for example, we can help with advertising, shortlisting and screening.

Looking for recruitment services? Look no further than Harwood

We understand that recruitment can be frustrating and we know it can be time-consuming. We also know it’s expensive. That’s why we offer a ‘menu’ of recruitment services from which clients can choose whether to engage us in full or simply use us for part of the recruitment process.

Are you seeking professional recruitment assistance for all of your hiring needs?

How can Harwood HR Help?

Look no further than Harwood HR Solutions – our team has the knowledge and experience to solve your recruitment problems.

Whether you wish us to manage your entire campaigns or you prefer us to undertake just part of your recruitment process, please do get in touch. We can absolutely help you navigate the nuances of recruitment so that you can focus on growing your business.

The full range of services we offer is detailed below.

Retained search

If your recruitment need is time sensitive, confidential or is for a niche skill set or a critical/ senior hire, our retained search offering is the service you need

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Most job adverts are poor. Really poor. Let us draft a compelling job advert and recommend which platforms to advertise on (plus take advantage of reduced rates we have negotiated)

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Sifting through CV’s (many of which won’t be right) is a hugely time consuming exercise. Get us to do it for you

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We’ve all interviewed someone who, within the first few moments, we know isn’t right. Let us screen candidates beforehand to minimise the chance of this happening

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Talent pools

If you find yourself recruiting for the same role repeatedly or even semi-regularly, it makes sense to build talent pools which you can nurture and dip into when the time comes to hire. We can set up talent pools and manage them for you

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Creating your employer brand/ Building out your EVP

You’ve most likely spent money marketing the product or service your company sells. But you probably haven’t invested in your employer brand. Allow us to assist in getting your employer offering right.

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Social media recruitment strategy

Job seekers, like a lot of people, spend time on social platforms. It therefore makes sense to try to engage prospective employees whilst they’re on them. Let us show you how.

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Profiling prospective employees

The vast majority of companies base a decision to hire on what they perceive that person CAN DO (I.e. their skills and experience) but in fact, it’s what someone WILL DO which will determine

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Recruitment is a headache. Keeping hold of employees means you’ll need to recruit less. We can help you with a retention strategy. It sounds counter intuitive that a business offering a recruitment service can also help with retention - hopefully it demonstrates that we’re different!

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