Staff Handbooks

Get all the advice and assistance you need to create a staff handbook

Writing a staff handbook isn’t always easy. But Harwood HR Solutions is here to help. With us, you can create an easy-to-read company handbook that covers all bases. Our professionals guide and advise you on the best approach for your enterprise. 

Help With Staff Handbooks

Staff Handbooks set out your employees’ rights, duties and responsibilities when working at your firm. The handbook details a list of things that employees need to know as part of their work.

The handbook also provides employees with policies that comply with the Acas Code – a minimum set of fairness standards that all workplaces must follow. Handbooks need to contain information on statutory rights, pay, holiday leave and on-the-job requirements, such as wearing a uniform. However, if you’re not used to writing documents like these, getting everything down on paper can be a challenge. 

Harwood HR Solutions provides assistance through every stage of handbook creation. We first appraise your business, find out whether it has any unique quirks, and then build a handbook to match. We make sure that there are no holes, and that you have all key policies and procedures written down. 

Why Staff Handbooks Are So Valuable

Many companies write down their expectations, rules and policies for employees in their employment contracts. However, the law also allows you to keep a separate handbook and make “minor” and “non-detrimental” changes to employment conditions, without having to seek the approval of your employees. 

Leaving policies and procedures out of the employment contract can also protect you against a breach of contract. If a case goes to tribunal, you may not have to pay as much compensation and, in some cases, none at all. 

Harwood HR Solutions ensures that your staff handbook contains disciplinary and grievance policies that comply with the Acas Code. We create clear procedures that you can follow to the letter, reducing your non-compliance risk. 

We also ensure that your staff handbook contains all the information the law requires, such as sickness and holiday rights. 

The most important employee handbook policies include: 

  • Business policies and procedures
  • Working conditions and hours
  • Non-disclosure policies
  • Health and safety policies
  • Anti-harassment policies
  • Anti-discrimination policies
  • Disciplinary policies
  • Leave of absence and attendance policies
  • Work performance policies
  • Position on looking after dependents
  • Maternity and paternity policies
  • Flexible home working policies
  • Equal opportunities policies

Staff Handbooks: Get The Help You Need Today

No two staff handbooks are exactly the same. However, they all need to contain the basics to protect your business and its employees.

That’s where we can help. 

Many small businesses find it difficult to put together all the necessary policies required by a robust staff handbook. But, thanks to our expertise, we can help. We work with employers of all sizes to review, amend and update existing staff handbooks, as well as writing brand new ones from scratch. Get in touch with our experts today for a quote.