HR London: How Can Harwood Help You?

For this reason, ensuring that your human resources department, facilities and capabilities are second-to-none relative to your size is ideal. If you’re hoping to refine your employment policies, more solidly align with essential compliance, and avoid stressing about employment-related issues – never fear. Help is always at hand.

For businesses in London, we offer all HR services no matter what field or industry you operate in. We make it our mission to understand the depth of your business goals and vision, providing a range of HR support and HR consultancy services in London.

We understand that utilising the services of an HR consultant London can be a step into the unknown, and so we’re more than happy to book a free consultation to help better understand your needs as a potential client, working with your vision and budget to achieve the best outcomes.

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Retained HR

Our retained HR services provide you with all of the benefits of having your own HR department for a fraction of the cost. From as low as £50 a month, we can help you with HR strategy, compliance, training, and unlimited fixed-free advice every single month. We can be your fully outsourced HR team or long-term partner to guarantee you are doing everything right. If you already have an HR department, our retained HR service can conduct support to your existing team so they can further develop their abilities to help your business.

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Pay As You Go

For businesses in London that don't want to be tied into a monthly contract, our bespoke expert support HR consultant in London offers you the freedom to get what you want when you need it. Our pay-as-you-go HR service ensures you solve any employment issues, with the support to meet your specific needs.

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Tailored HR Project Support

Our tailored HR project support services can help you with a whole variety of problems, such as organisational structure changes, implementing rewards and share schemes, bespoke training, TUPE transfers, and so much more.

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Employment Contracts

Harwood HR Innovations stands at the forefront of employee contract design, offering custom staff manuals that intricately detail your workforce's entitlements, duties, and internal rules per the Acas Code guidelines. We delve into your business with a fine-tooth comb, spotting nuances that shape a bespoke manual, featuring your company's distinct policies and protocols. Our mission is to craft a resource that is transparent, legally sound, and easily navigable, ensuring your team is informed and empowered.

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Staff Handbooks

Harwood HR Solutions assists in the creation of a staff handbook, detailing employees’ rights, duties, and firm-specific policies that comply with the Acas Code. We firstly evaluate your business for any unique needs before crafting a comprehensive handbook, ensuring all critical policies and procedures are included.

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Health and Safety

Harwood HR’s premier safety platform, the H&S Portal, equips companies with key resources to uphold safety standards and nurture a secure workplace atmosphere, all for a monthly entry fee of £20. It boasts in-depth evaluations of health and safety guidelines, cutting-edge management software, customisable audit forms, efficient incident response mechanisms, and expert risk evaluation support — a complete package for first-rate employee safety training and compliance.

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Harwood HR Consultants in UK engaging in client discussion

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