HR Nottingham: How Can Harwood Help You?

On a daily basis, business owners deal with a variety of difficult HR challenges, ranging from employee issues to regulatory issues. Harwood HR Solutions can provide you with a unique service that will assist you in managing all aspects of HR in your company.

We can assist you with all aspects of employee management in your company. Employment contracts and rules, as well as unrestricted HR help and redundancy counselling, are among them. We can also write your employee contracts and assist you in developing the policies and procedures that your company requires.

You may have challenges with your staff from time to time. We can assist you with many of these issues, including advising you on the disciplinary process, as well as providing assistance on your rights as an employer and employee rights. We can assist you and your employees with any grievance issues, provide tribunal support, and assist you in making the best disciplinary judgments possible.


Tailored HR Project Support Service | HR Consultant in UK

For the sake of their health and wellbeing, as well as the general productivity of your company, your team’s well-being should be your first priority.

With the HR services we offer, you can rest assured that your company is entirely compliant. All of the guidance we give you with our experienced assistance is GDPR compliant, and we will advise you on how to keep your HR operations and data security. We’ll draft your employee contracts for you so you can rest comfortably that your company’s and employees’ interests are safeguarded. We can also assist you with all HR rules and procedures, including those pertaining to health and safety.

Harwood HR Solutions’ team has years of experience and is well-positioned to assist all businesses in the Nottingham area.

We will work together to find your company’s employment needs and provide you with a variety of services to assist you in meeting your HR obligations. We will provide you with a tailored solution that is perfect for you and your finances after first getting to know your business with a FREE consultation. We can help with all parts of the recruitment process, ensure that your company complies with government regulations, create custom documents (such as contracts and staff handbooks), and much more.

Pay as you go

Harwood HR Nottingham offers flexible options for those who prefer short-term assistance or don't want long-term contracts. Our pay-as-you-go solutions ensure you get the support you need, via phone, email, or on-site. Our team is here to assist you with sudden employment or business matters. Prices vary based on complexity and assignment duration. At Harwood HR Nottingham, we pride ourselves on providing professional, reliable, and approachable support tailored to your needs. For personalised service and expert guidance every step of the way, contact Harwood HR Nottingham

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Tailored HR Project Support

Harwood HR Nottingham offers customised HR project support tailored to your needs. Our expert consultants work closely with you to create bespoke solutions that enhance your business. We understand and meet individual requirements, ensuring you receive the precise support you need. Our professional and reliable approach is backed by our dedication to customer satisfaction. Contact us today for personalized support via phone, email, or on-site assistance. Pricing varies based on assignment size and nature. Trust Harwood HR Nottingham for all your HR project needs.

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Employment Contracts

At Harwood HR Nottingham, We strive to equip our employees with the necessary resources for success while fostering a culture of respect and inclusivity. Our customer-centric approach, expertise, and personalised service make us the trusted choice for handling employment contracts. Contact Harwood HR Nottingham for all your contract needs.

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Company Policies

Harwood HR Nottingham's company policies are designed to elevate your business operations. We ensure that your valued team members have clearly defined responsibilities through tailored employment contracts. Our knowledgeable HR consultants in Nottingham, with comprehensive knowledge of government regulations, are here to provide the support you need.

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Staff Handbooks

Harwood HR Nottingham offers bespoke services in crafting fully customized and user-focused staff handbooks for organisations. Providing unparalleled guidance and personalised assistance, catering to the unique requirements of your company. With a professional and reliable tone, we convey expertise, understanding, and trustworthiness. Get in touch with one of our dedicated Harwood HR Nottingham team today, for all your staff handbook needs.

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Retained HR

At Harwood HR Nottingham, we provide tailored HR solutions for SMEs in Nottingham. Our experienced consultants offer unlimited fixed-fee services from just £50 per month. Get support via phone, email, or on-site, customised to meet your needs! Trust our professional approach, customer satisfaction is our priority. Contact us today for expertise, understanding, and trustworthiness that sets Harwood HR Nottingham apart.

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