HR Northampton: How Can Harwood Help You?

We are here to help you with all of your HR needs. We know how complicated and confusing it can be when working alone, especially for those small businesses that don’t have an in-house team like us. This is why outsourcing was decided upon by some companies as the best option available because they get quality service without having any risk involved (and) access affordable rates.

HR Northampton team have years of experience in all aspects of employment law, so you can rest assured that we will be able to help your company stay compliant. We’ll provide guidance on any specific areas where legislation is changing or new laws applicable within the UK as well advice on how best to protect yourself and employees from potential pitfalls – including complying with bespoke documents like contracts & employee handbooks tailored specifically for businesses just like yours.

We provide a personalised solution that best suits your individual requirements. Our expert team of HR Consultants will dedicate their time to understanding the needs of your company and offer phone/email support at an affordable price depending on assignment size.

Tailored HR Project Support Service | HR Consultant in UK

No matter the issue, our team has got it covered!

A better workplace has never been so easy with our professional consultancy service that will provide bespoke solutions tailored specifically around the needs within every type -size enterprise: big ones, small ones, public sector, organisations overseas, businesses across the UK, industry sectors, manufacturing, etc. Our highly qualified consultants come from diverse backgrounds and bring different perspectives, which enables them to offer unique insights into challenges faced by employers everywhere. The made-to-measure service offers tailored solutions for different types of companies with varying complexities in need, from managing staff issues through understanding business processes, all while providing guidance and expertise when needed most so you don’t have those pesky problems popping up again later down the road. We also have flexible pricing options depending upon the assignment at hand – contact us today to learn more about what we have in store. Harwood HR consultants are here to provide you with unlimited fixed-fee advice.

Pay as you go

At Harwood HR Northampton, we understand the importance of flexible support options that cater to your specific requirements. Whether you prefer a contract-free arrangement or need short-term assistance, our pay-as-you-go solutions are designed with you in mind. Our dedicated team addresses any unforeseen employment or business challenges you may encounter. Rest assured, our professionals are committed to guiding you every step of the way for a reliable and trustworthy experience.

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Tailored HR project support

At Harwood HR Northampton, we specialise in providing customised HR solutions to address your unique challenges. Our team of dedicated consultants understands your specific needs and is committed to delivering personalised assistance through phone, email, and on-site support. Our pricing is based on the services you require, ensuring a fair and transparent approach.

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Employment contracts

At Harwood HR Northampton, we recognise the significance of well-defined and efficient employment contracts. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering tailored solutions, ensuring that your organisation remains compliant and safeguarded. With our customer-centric approach and dependable expertise, you can rely on us to navigate the complexities of employment agreements. Rest assured, at Harwood HR Northampton, we provide a unique and engaging experience that highlights our expertise, understanding, and trustworthiness, all while prioritising personalised service.

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Company policies

Enhance your business operations by ensuring clear responsibilities for your team members in their employment agreements. Our experienced HR consultants in Northampton have extensive expertise in government regulations and provide tailored guidance and support. At Harwood HR Northampton, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service that is professional, reliable, and approachable.

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Staff handbooks

Harwood HR Northampton is your trusted partner in creating bespoke and client-focused staff handbooks. With our team of dedicated professionals, we provide unparalleled guidance and personalised support tailored to your organisation's specific requirements. Count on our expertise to deliver a comprehensive and informative staff handbook that reflects your business's commitment to excellence. Discover the difference Harwood HR Northampton can make for your company.

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Retained HR

Harwood HR Northampton offers comprehensive HR support tailored to your business needs. Our dedicated team provides unlimited fixed-fee advice and support, ensuring you have peace of mind in all your HR matters. With our affordable monthly plans starting from just £50, you can access our professional services, including phone, email, and on-site support. Let Harwood HR Northampton help you navigate the complexities of HR effectively.

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