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If you’re seeking an HR consultant in Banbury, get in touch with our HR Banbury team. We will handle all areas of your HR needs, empowering you to concentrate on the evolving demands of your enterprise.

Zoe Lidster brings extensive experience across the spectrum of HR functions. From supporting senior leaders and managers, and compliance with employee contracts law to facilitating employee training and development, you can trust her to effectively handle all these critical HR functions while fostering a positive work environment and promoting continuous growth within your organisation.

HR Consultant in Banbury: How Can Harwood Help You?

Currently, SMEs are grappling with a myriad of HR challenges seen across industries. The perpetual quest of hiring and retaining top talent is a significant concern. Consequently, compliance with the ever-evolving employment laws poses another hurdle for enterprises. The absence or scarcity of a dedicated HR department amplifies these difficulties. HR-related responsibilities often burden managers or owners lacking specialised expertise, adding strain to already demanding roles.

HR Consultant in UK Discussing Employment Contracts for Small Businesses with Businesses Owners
Duncan Turner CEO and Zoe Lidster Managing Director | Harwood HR Solutions

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In the face of these multifaceted challenges, the need for personalised and comprehensive HR solutions tailored specifically for Banbury's SMEs has never been more apparent. Harwood stands as a beacon of expertise and support. We offer a suite of services designed to alleviate these burdens. With a team versed in navigating complex HR landscapes, our dedicated HR Banbury team specialises in addressing talent acquisition and retention challenges, while ensuring compliance with employment laws. We will help you optimise performance management, and guide your businesses through dynamic work models. Partnering with Harwood means tapping into bespoke HR processes designed to empower Banbury's SMEs to thrive amidst these challenging HR landscapes.

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Pay as you Go

Flexible and tailored to your needs, our pay-as-you-go HR service in Banbury provides businesses with expert support and guidance without the constraints of a monthly contract. With our dedicated HR consultant, you can address any employment challenges and receive the assistance you require, ensuring your specific needs are met. Trust us to help you navigate through the complexities of HR, offering professional guidance with a personal touch.

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Tailored HR project support

Delivering proficient project supervision to guarantee compliance with all legal obligations and supporting you in mitigating any related risks.

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Employment contracts

Our employment agreements ensure that your team members are fully aware of their responsibilities towards your organisation, giving you the confidence that your business adheres to all government regulations.

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Company Policies

Utilising employment contracts enables your team to comprehend their responsibilities to your enterprise, instilling confidence that your business adheres to government regulations while granting you peace of mind.

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Staff handbooks

At Harwood HR Banbury we help you craft a comprehensive and user-friendly staff handbook that leaves no stone unturned. Our team of experts offers invaluable guidance and recommendations tailored specifically to your organisation.

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Employment contracts law

By neglecting to provide the mandatory statement of principal terms and conditions, organisations inadvertently infringe upon the entitlements of their employees. Our professional team ensures that these important documents are prepared with the utmost care, protecting the rights of both employers and employees.

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HR Consultant in UK Discussing Employment Contracts for Small Businesses with Businesses Owners

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