HR Aylesbury: How Can Harwood Help You?

If you are looking for a comprehensive HR consultant in Aylesbury, Harwood HR Solutions can give you all the resources you need. If you do not have an in-house team, outsourcing is the perfect solution as it helps you and your company identify the gaps in your knowledge. We offer fully outsourced bespoke HR consultancy for a modest budget with customisable packages that can suit any business need.

With years of experience, the HR Aylesbury team are perfectly positioned to help all SMEs within the Aylesbury area navigate the tricky world of HR. We give you advice on every aspect of the recruitment process, guaranteeing your business is compliant with every facet of government legislation, issue bespoke documentation, and do so much more.

Retained HR

Our retained HR services provide you with all of the benefits of having your own HR department for a fraction of the cost. From as low as £50 a month, we can help you with HR strategy, compliance, training, and unlimited fixed-free advice every single month. We can be your fully outsourced HR team or long-term partner to guarantee you are doing everything right. If you already have an HR department, our retained HR service can conduct support to your existing team so they can further develop their abilities to help your business.

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Pay As You Go

For businesses in Aylesbury that don't want to be tied into a monthly contract, our bespoke expert support HR consultant in Aylesbury offers you the freedom to get what you want when you need it. Our pay-as-you-go HR service ensures you solve any employment issues, with the support to meet your specific needs.

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Tailored HR Project Support

Our tailored HR project support services can help you with a whole variety of problems, such as organisational structure changes, implementing rewards and share schemes, bespoke training, TUPE transfers, and so much more.

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Employment Contracts

Employment contracts provide your employees with clear guidelines about their responsibilities towards your enterprise, giving you the comfort that your company abides by governmental rules and caters to its unique requirements.

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Staff Handbooks

Benefit from our expertise in creating comprehensive and user-friendly corporate manuals. Our specialists will advise and steer you towards the most effective strategy tailored to your business.

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Health and Safety

Enhance your workforce's well-being and safety with Harwood HR's Health and Safety portal. For just £20 per month, unlock a wide array of tools and services that not only provide exceptional value but also guarantee compliance with industry best practices. Invest in the health and safety of your employees today!

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