Employment Contracts for Small Businesses

Get professionally-written employment contracts for small business

Just like large businesses, small businesses with fewer than 25 employees need professionally-written contracts. But finding the time to create them is a challenge when you have limited human resources. 

That’s where Harwood HR Solutions helps. We assist with all your small business employment contracts, ensuring that we cover all bases. With us, you save time and money, as well as avoid many legal pitfalls.

What Goes Into A Small Business Employment Contract?

Small business employment contracts should contain the following elements: 

  • The job title and description
  • The length of time required for notice to terminate the contract
  • The number of hours the employee will work each week
  • The end date of the work, if applicable
  • The currency in which the employer will pay wages
  • The pay rate or salary
  • Collective agreements to which the employee must agree before joining the firm
  • Sick pay, pension entitlement and holiday allowances
  • Terms related to family leave
  • Details of additional employment benefits, besides pay
  • Terms of probation or introductory periods
  • The specific hours in which an employee must be available for work
  • Training details and provisions

Depending on the status of your business, you may need to include additional terms, besides those included here. Please note that some of these terms became mandatory in April 2020.

Small Business Employment Contracts: Get In Touch Today

Harwood HR Solutions offers a bespoke small business employment contracts service, specifically designed for companies employing fewer than 25 people. We analyse your existing contracts and show you where you could improve them. We also assist you in creating contracts from scratch, ensuring that you cover all bases.

The Benefits Of Writing Small Business Employment Contracts

Just like large companies, small businesses also need to write employment contracts. It’s mandatory. At Harwood HR Solutions we understand that writing contracts that are fully compliant can be a challenge for small businesses, but it’s still a highly worthwhile activity. 

Here are some of the benefits you can expect: 

Clear Protocols For Staff Leave

You need to make employees fully aware of their staff leave entitlements before they take a role. Thus, employment contracts must contain information relating to sick days, annual holidays, bereavement leave and maternity/paternity leave. Clarifying your position on these issues can help avoid problems in the future. 

Improved Hiring

If your employees don’t have employment contracts, know where they stand. Most would like to know how long you intend to hire them. For instance, will they work in a role indefinitely, or for a specific term, after which, they’ll move on? 

Contracts help to guarantee job security and, therefore, attract talented people to your firm. When staff feel like they have security, they are more likely to remain in their roles, improving engagement and cutting recruitment costs. 

Better Understanding Of Employee Duties

Employment contracts also make it clear precisely what you expect of your new employee. They help to define the boundaries of the role, preventing confusion later on – lines that can sometimes be blurred in small businesses. 

Employees don’t want to step into a role, only to discover it’s not what they thought it was. Clarity from the start is key.