What are Retained HR Services and Why Do You Need Them?

HR is undeniably one of the fundamental features of modern business, which is why the industry has grown 4x faster than the average UK workforce over the past decade. When looking at your options, retained HR services could be the perfect solution.

This quick guide will help you understand why retained HR services are a great option for SMEs and growing organisations alike. And if you’re eager to take your HR management to new heights, Harwood will make it happen.

What are Retained HR Services?

Retained HR is a form of outsourced HR aimed at companies that either lack an on-site HR department or need to provide assistance to their existing in-house efforts.

With retained HR services, you gain the ongoing support of a professional team that can handle many aspects of HR management ranging from a full audit of your existing HR policies to employee contracts and bespoke HR admin support.

The monthly service is built to reflect your business needs at any stage, providing a fixed-fee structure that covers HR strategy, compliance, training, and day-to-day employee issues.

Benefits of Retained HR Services

Opting for retained HR services offers many rewarding features. For starters, it will allow you to start enjoying the benefits with immediate results rather than building an on-site HR team. Beyond the convenient setup, there are a plethora of incentives to choose this path. The most telling is detailed below:

Scalability and flexibility

Relying solely on your in-house HR efforts may place significant restrictions on your team. With bespoke retained HR services, there is a far greater sense of versatility. Right now, you may only need company handbooks or setting up HR admin processes. As the company grows, though, you may need additional services or a greater level of support to manage an increased volume of employees.

There is no need to make the level of commitment that would be needed for launching a new HR department or finding a larger office space.

Increase business productivity

Strong HR teams fit seamlessly into the company culture and promote smooth communication with employees. In turn, this can support productivity by helping workers feel valued while simultaneously giving them the guidance they need to perform well. Given that office employees are shown to be productive for just 2.5 hours per day, this is a major breakthrough that can transform the fortunes of the company.

Retained HR services can also incorporate ideas like employee feedback to make the necessary updates for increased productivity. When added to the fact that retained HR will free up valuable time for existing HR teams or managers, it is a wonderful addition.

Heightened engagement and retention

HR also plays a hugely influential role in keeping employees engaged with their work and loyal to the company. Employees are increasingly demanding in the modern workplace and will actively seek new work opportunities if employers fall short. Retained HR services actively boost engagement by managing smooth payroll and providing guidance to employees in relation to their objectives.

In turn, this can lead to reduced staff turnover rates which will support the company’s productivity and profitability. Retained HR services may also extend to exit strategies, employee terminations, and other issues to boost retention with long-term results.

Importance of HR

While the importance of HR is greater than ever, the methods used to master it have evolved. Retained HR services have undoubtedly emerged as the most convenient, comprehensive, and cost-effective choice for companies of varying sizes.

Here at Harwood HR Solutions, we can provide bespoke retained HR services that will serve your company well for many years to come. To find out more, contact one of our friendly experts today.


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