The Joys of Exercise

So, I have just had a PT session and they made me run around the block, during rush hour, in front of many, many, maannnyyyy people whilst I had a heavy sandbag on my back. When I say run, I mean “run” and when I say “run”, I mean barely drag myself up and down the road trying not to fall over my own feet. This was then followed by rowing, burpees, push-ups and many other torture techniques.

However, it’s all in the name of fitness and when someone is encouraging me to better myself and meet my goals, I find that I am able to find that little bit extra oomph, I push myself harder to make them and myself proud (even if it means sweating pools onto the gym floor and nearly throwing up…). I always feel better after the PT session is finished and I’m happy I managed to make it to the end, having made one more step (or stumble) towards my goals.

If you’re managing someone, make sure you are on their journey with them, they will almost always give you better results when you’re as invested in them as you are in the results you want!

(P.S. Written by Yasmin Kelley)
(P.P.S. Well done on running the London Marathon on Sunday, Zoe!)


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