Staff furloughed! What now?



Hello, it’s been roughly four weeks since isolation here in the UK, lockdown!

Many of you as business owners will have taken an initial assessment of your business and the damage that potentially has been or will be done by this coronavirus outbreak.

You have made your assessment. You have got your head around furlough. You’ll have furloughed your staff and you probably or hopefully will have also managed to have completed your first claim for furlough funding.

So what next? Well, there’s a whole raft of things that as a business owner you should be thinking about and probably are thinking about. All of them of course, we can support you with here at Harwood HR Solutions, but managing the team while they’re off, staying in communication, managing well-being, managing mental health, all of those things can we can support you in addition to that starting to think about what sort of business you’re going to return with.

So do you need to make redundancies? Do you need to make structure change? Do you need to change the way that you work? Do you want to do you need to consider more the options of home-working now that you’ve tried it in this period? etc, etc. So again whole new world of stuff that again we can we can more than support you with.

In the interim period though and whilst people are still on furlough, there may be situations where you want people to come off furlough and do some work.

The question is can I do that and then send them back on furlough the answer to that is yes,
they need to have been on furlough for three weeks consecutive weeks in order for you to claim.
But ultimately if the works there you can bring them back and then put place them back on furlough.
And also you may ask that when we send people on furlough the original furlough deadline was the end of May now the government’s extended it to the end of June, can we extend furlough the answer to that is also yes, so these are things that can be done relatively easily here at Harwood HR
we have produced some template documents for you to use that will keep you on the right side of all things legislation and the tick box for HMRC when they come and audit you.

So if you want use of those documents, please feel free to click the link below

and then we’ll send them to you if you need any more support at all.

Just let us know. Take care. Stay safe.

Speak to you soon guys. Bye.

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