Return to the office, no office or something in between?

We’re delighted to be featured in the Business Owners Checklist in the Telegraph. Find out what we said below about staff returning back to the office or not after COVID19.

Return to the office, no office or something in between? The forcing of home working arrangements has opened minds to a potential longer-term change in strategy. The positives are obvious to point out however, there are more factors to consider.

Employees on the whole are contracted to work from an office, so may not accept permanent homeworking. Are you prepared to open consultation with your employees?

Homeworking arrangements also need to be practical and compliant with health and safety requirements, with secure IT solutions and policies in place.

Have you considered how you will fairly manage the performance of your remote employees? Your staff could be more or less productive working from home, you need to think about how to maintain the productivity over time.

You will of course need to think about the employees that want to return to the office. But also those that have been suffering from anxiety who are unsure how they will cope with coming back. What functions need to be in the office versus working from home? Do you reward homeworkers differently?

Ultimately, there’s a lot to consider and plan, starting with gaining senior level consensus on a preferred position that is right for the business operation, your customers and your employees.

How you deliver the chosen position needs careful planning and a realisation that to navigate through phase one of the return to normal there may need to be compromise.

If you need help with this transition or require general HR support for your business, please contact Harwood HR Solutions for a free consultation.


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