Law of Attraction – friend or foe??

The Law of Attraction

Whilst to many, the law of attraction is seen as fluffy nonsense, to me it makes perfect sense and understanding it and adapting your approach to improve your levels of attraction will transform your life and business.

Now let’s be clear, this isn’t about getting ready for the next series of Love Island (for me that ship sailed 20 plus years ago! although the principles of the law of attraction can provide you with more success on finding your ideal partner), this is about creating a positive energy around yourself and your business that attracts people, potential customers and like-minded people to it.

Individuals who project this positive energy can be mislabelled “lucky”, whilst those who project a negative energy can be classed as “unlucky”. Whether you are a believer in luck or not, sometimes things happen that are sadly out of our control. 99% of your life is, however, controlled and dictated by you, and the number of positive things that happen to you can be heavily influenced by the law of attraction.

We all know those colleagues or friends that always have a bad news story! Nothing ever seems to go smoothly for them. They could win the lottery and would moan that if they won it the week after it would have been £10m and not £1m. They go on holiday and it rained for 3 days solid; rather than had 10 days of glorious weather and 3 days of refreshing rain. Their lawnmower, toaster and car break down in the same week and this is due to their bad luck rather than them all being ready for change. Now also consider their work and personal life. Have they also been unlucky in work? Never getting that big promotion? Always the one to be selected for redundancy? Never got the break they feel they deserved? Now look at their relationships. Have they been in and out of relationships? Never finding their true love?

To summarise, these individuals are either not aware of, or are not embracing the law of attraction!

What about that individual that seems to have all the luck? They’ve had a great career and always seemed to land that great job never having to interview for it. They started their own business and it just seems to have taken off! They have a buzz about them, an aura and people take notice when they walk into a room. They seem to have all the luck! You never hear about their bad luck or failures. Life seems like a breeze for them and they are fully embracing it. Don’t even get me started on their lifestyle! All over Instagram with their huge house, great cars, nice watches and fab holidays! Their relationship and family look perfect!

This individual, whether consciously or unconsciously has embraced and practices the law of attraction!

So, do you see these people in the same room together? If you do, it won’t be for long as they will wind each other up! For the negative nelly their positive colleague will only make them feel inadequate and even more unlucky! For the positive individual they will find negative nelly a drain and difficult to be around, as they feel they have to adjust their positivity down to form some sort of connection.

Ultimately these individuals stop mixing and instead they mix with like minded people. People are like magnets. Our energies are attracted to similar energies. Have you ever heard the saying, “if you want to be a millionaire then start hanging around with millionaires”?

In summary, if you’re a negative nelly and you want to effect a positive change in your life then there’s no better start than to familiarise yourself with the Law of Attraction. Whilst there are lots of books on this subject my personal favourite (due to ease and speed of read) is Law of Attraction by Michael J. Losier. (ISBN 978-0-446-40618-5).

You do of course have to add in a personal desire to change and the effort and hard work to deliver on whatever plans you have created, but without understanding this it is 100x harder!


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Law of Attraction

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