Is your social media damaging your career prospects?

We all know that if you work in a sensitive profession there are certain rules about how you publicly display yourself online, but what about the rest of us? There’s no harm in the world seeing that photo your friend tagged you in with your head down the toilet after one too many espresso martinis… right? It just shows your fun and outgoing side…right?

Did you know that a study conducted by YouGov in 2018 at least one in five employers not only snooped candidate’s social media profiles to whittle them down – they are actually turning prospective employees down after looking at their social media profiles. This is not a good sign as you are being judged before you even get a chance to walk through the door! They are doing this because there are often so many applicants, some recruiters will often pick on the smallest thing to cut the bunch down. ‘Oh, this guy went on a night out on a Sunday two years ago.’ ‘That means they will be late every Monday morning…NEXT!’
…Okay so that might have been a little dramatic, but you get my point.

How many of you can truly say that your social media profiles are a true reflection of who you are in your work-life? I know mine isn’t! Would you want that photo of you from a hen or stag do with a blow-up doll on your back and a willy straw hanging out of your mouth to be passed around your potential new office? Not me!
A bit of advice… when it comes to social media – keep your private life just that – private! At least until you get through the door and you are out of your probationary period. Then you can let your colleagues know your weird and wonderful ways.
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