Is it a legal requirement to provide a contract of employment?

It is important for employees to know what their rights and responsibilities are. Employees should be provided with a contract of employment which will outline the terms and conditions of the job. But is it a legal requirement to provide one? And what should be included in this document? Let’s take a closer look.

What is an employment contract?

Employment contracts are legal agreements between the employer and employee which sets out the terms and conditions of the role. This will usually include things like salary, working hours, holiday entitlement and notice period. Therefore, it’s important that employees read through this carefully to ensure that they understand all of the terms and conditions that have been set out.

Is it a legal requirement to provide a contract of employment?

Yes. All employees and workers have a statutory right to receive a statement of employment particulars (contract of employment) from day one of their employment, and the statement must contain specific information outlined within the Employment Rights Act 1996.

What information should be included within a contract?

There is certain information that must be included in a contract of employment by law, such as:

  • name of the employee and employer
  • start date of employment and the date the employee’s continuous employment started
  • the method for pay calculations and when the employee will be paid
  • terms and conditions relating to working hours
  • holiday entitlement, public holidays, and holiday pay
  • sick pay
  • details of the pension scheme
  • notice to be given to, or provided by, the employee to terminate employment
  • job title or description of the role
  • expected duration of non-permanent work or the date upon which fixed-term work will end if applicable
  • usual place of work
  • details of any collective agreements which directly affect the terms and conditions
  • disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • terms relating to other forms of paid leave such as family-friendly leave
  • details of any employee benefits
  • probationary period terms including those in relation to length and conditions
  • details of training provisions and requirements.

So, is it a legal requirement to provide a contract of employment? Yes! At Harwood HR Solutions, we can help you to produce a contract of employment that is compliant, up to date with current legislation and that fits with your business and its requirements.


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