How Can HR Improve Workplace Safety?

Workplace safety is paramount for any organisation as it safeguards the well-being of employees, but also contributes to a more efficient working environment. HR departments play an essential role in workplace safety in many different ways, including the following:

Developing and Implementing Safety Policies

HR professionals are instrumental in supporting implementing safety policies and procedures. The world of HR health and safety begins with creating a comprehensive policy that reflects the organisation’s commitment to the well-being of its employees. This should cover various aspects, for example, incident reporting, safety training, and emergency response. HR helps to ensure that these policies are not just followed, but effectively communicated throughout the organisation.

Training and Education

Many health and safety consulting services can help organisations facilitate training and education programs that cover all of the essential health and safety topics, such as emergency protocols, hazard identification, and so much more. HR departments can also outsource health and safety consulting services, or in the instances where an SME does not have an HR department, they can outsource to one.

Identifying Safety Risks

Health and safety professionals can identify safety risks within the workplace by conducting risk assessments and identifying potential hazards through regular workplace inspections. This will help pinpoint areas that demand attention, whether it’s ensuring fire extinguishers are working or addressing ergonomic issues that may result in injury. Health and safety covers so much, which is why the right health and safety consulting services should be front and centre of your people policy.

Employee Engagement

HR plays a critical role in fostering a culture of safety. This includes encouraging employees to actively participate in safety practices and safety committees, as well as the smaller, but just as essential, practices. HR can create platforms to allow employees to voice any concerns and ensure they are addressed properly for the sake of the organisation.

Incident Investigation

If there is a workplace accident or incident, HR health and safety support can be pivotal in gathering information, interviewing the associated parties, and analysing the root cause. Corrective actions should prevent any similar incidents in the future, which is why a robust investigation policy should be in place.

Complying With Regulations

Health and safety are ongoing lessons for businesses, and HR departments need to stay up to date with any health and safety changes in the rules and regulations to ensure the organisation avoids any legal ramifications and provides a safe working environment for everybody.

Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency, HR will help to coordinate emergency response plans and evacuations, ensuring that employees know how to respond to various emergency scenarios to keep everybody safe. HR health and safety initiatives are essential to create a secure and productive workplace that remains efficient. Health and safety is not just about policies or training, but about a culture of safety. This is where HR companies can partner with health and safety consulting services so they can protect employees and contribute to a more effective working environment. If you feel that you need to make changes to your health and safety policy or you need some advice, you can contact Harwood HR Solutions today and we will help you.


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