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Formalise your employment policies, comply with the law and get peace of mind

Harwood HR Solutions is here to help you put your employment contracts, policies and procedures in writing. We make it easy to meet your legal obligation to provide a written statement to your employees detailing the precise terms and conditions of their employment. We understand that you don’t always have time to complete the admin yourself. So why not pass the task over to us and let us do the job for you professionally?


Professional Employment Contracts, Policies And Procedures

Putting professional employment contracts, policies and procedures in place is critical for your business. Some companies manage to operate for a time on an informal basis. But lack of contracts always comes back to bite them in the end, often at substantial costs to the business. 

Remember, by offering employees work and paying them in return, you already enter into a contractual relationship with them. Thus, current statutory legislation means that you still have to provide them with all standard protections, even if you don’t have a formal contract.


Get Peace Of Mind

At Harwood HR Solutions, our goal is to give you peace of mind. That’s why we help you convert implied terms of your current working relationships with employees into formal contracts. These can then protect you as circumstances change. 


Let Employees Know The Rules

Employee contracts are two-way streets. Yes – they allow the employee to formalise their rights. But they also let you tell them about what you expect too. 

When you think about it, it doesn’t make sense to enter into a formal agreement without a contract. You wouldn’t do it in any other line of work, so why take the risk with employees? Get Harwood HR Solutions to write down your expectations in writing so that you can ensure that employees fulfil the conditions of their employment. 


Protect Yourself

While most employees would never dream of taking legal action against you, some still might. They may exploit holes in your current policies for money or other reasons. 

Getting professionally-written contracts from us helps to mitigate this risk. We write them in such a way that takes into account the legal issues that might arise. Thus, by formalising your relationship with your employees, you can protect yourself from legal action. 


Save Time

Developing contracts, policies and procedures by yourself can take an enormous amount of time. And, as a business leader, you often don’t have much to spare. 

At Harwood HR Solutions, we understand this. Pass over the work to us and we’ll get on with creating full policies while you focus on building the rest of your business.

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