Not-so Silent Night?

It’s that time of the year again!
Drama, gossiping, alcohol fuelled arguments, and someone got pushed into the 12ft Christmas tree…and is yet to be found!
Sound familiar?
No, this isn’t another episode of your favourite soap – this could be what happens at your office Christmas party and if we aren’t careful, these antics of the nights before can carry over into the workplace on the morning after. Most managers can dread that time of the year and when it comes to planning the Christmas party, it can be their worst nightmare – especially if there’s a free bar.

Without being the fun-police, it’s important to set some ground rules and make sure you abide by them too. There’s nothing worse than being told you can’t take a cheeky half-day when you see your managers sneak out of the office a few hours early to get a pint at the pub. It’s important that even though you want to have a good time, you are the boss and you have to set the tone.
At Harwood HR Solutions we would suggest that you send communication out to all your employees ahead of the office bash without trying to dampen spirits; it is best to remind your employees that a social event is an extension of the workplace and what is expected of them, so everyone can have fun!
If you need any help with writing communication to your employees or producing an office event policy, drop us a line and we can help!


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