Partnership with Quarterdeck

Harwood HR Solutions is now in partnership with Quarterdeck, an innovative,  online management and leadership training provider that aims to cut costs and help you make better use of your time.”*

Harwood HR Solutions is now in partnership with Quarterdeck, an innovative,  online management and leadership training provider that aims to cut costs and help you make better use of your time.

Quarterdeck Benefits You’ll Love

Leadership training is going through a revolution. Advances in modern technology  mean that sessions that used to take place in person can now happen online. Firms no longer need to arrange expensive day trips or transport. Instead, they can simply order all the training they need, when they need it, conveniently and affordably over the internet.

 At Harwood HR Solutions, we believe that Quarterdeck offers a mature solution for the needs of modern business. The training firm believes in an online-first management and leadership training model that offer numerous advantages over traditional providers. It avoids many of the costly and time-consuming aspects of regular training that holds companies back.

Make Better Use Of Your Time

Does the following situation sound familiar? You know that you have talent in your organisation that you need to nurture. But, at the same time, you can’t afford to take those employees away from their duties for a training day.

 With Quarterdeck, you don’t have to. Online training means that people can attend wherever and whenever it is convenient to do so. Sessions always meet employees where they are at, so there is no need for them to keep pace with a specific schedule. Quarterdeck simply trains people in bite size chunks according to their availability.

Long-Term Access

Quarterdeck also ensures that you and your team have access to all the training materials that you require forever. So, if somebody misses a workshop, they can go back and access what they missed at any time.

 Employees can also pick the direction their learning takes by choosing what is important to them from Quarterdeck’s extensive content library. The system is so flexible that you can enrol any combination of workers on any set of courses you wish.

Low Costs

Most training companies charge you per person, but not Quarterdeck. Whether you train two people or two hundred, you pay the same fixed fee for access to the platform. So, thanks to the company’s technology, training the entire company is no more expensive than training an individual.

 If you’re not happy with how learning is progressing, Quarterdeck lets you repeat training as often as you like. So it works just as well for new recruits as it does for company veterans who want to brush up on their skills.

Manageable Lessons

Quarterdeck breaks down training into small, manageable lessons that fit around the working day. It is the perfect way to fill “dead time” if colleagues are between tasks. Employees don’t need to miss half a day at work just to attend an out-of-office training session. Plus, once they complete training, they are already sitting at their desks, ready to implement lessons learned.

Live Training Monthly

While Quarterdeck relies on pre-recorded lessons, it also offers live monthly training sessions as part of its “Quarterdeck Live” services. These offer all kinds of perks and features. Employees can get expert advice from the agency’s experienced leadership team, form peer groups and learn from the experiences of others, or go deeper on specific points that affect their roles and companies. Quarterdeck lists upcoming sessions on its websites and the further learning they offer, beyond its core on-demand courses.

Course Playlists

Quarterdeck provides a “playlists” feature for firms wanting to link together multiple sessions or courses. This works similarly to other streaming services, allowing companies to create specific course playlists that reflect their operational requirements.

 So if you want to put your colleagues through a specific type of training, you can just mix and match the educational materials they receive.

Private Coaching

In some circumstances, your colleagues may require private coaching to bring them up to speed on a particular topic. Quarterdeck provides this option too, offering a private messaging system that lets individuals talk one-on-one with leadership coaches and get specific advice pertaining to their situation.

 Harwood HR Solutions is thrilled to be working with Quarterdeck, supporting its mission to reduce staff turnover, increase your profitability and help your company retain its competitive advantage.




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