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“Good leaders can generate 114% more sales, 70% lower turnover and 71% higher customer satisfaction!”*


Leadership & Wellbeing

Your people are your biggest asset and yet rarely rise to the top of the priority list in terms of helping them be their best. There are many reasons for this and we recognise that employees, as well as being your biggest asset, can be your biggest challenge.

So, how do you create a team of engaged, motivated and positive people? By developing a management team that uses leadership skills to create a growth culture and high team performance.

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The Business Case

The facts speak for themselves:

  • A positive, engaged and motivated team can increase your sales by up to 20%, and their ability to retain customers is significant. Disengaged, demotivated teams can do the opposite and cost you money in complaints and negative PR.
  • 88% of employees say that recognition is more fulfilling than pay (source: make their day)
  • Engaged Teams generate 200% more revenue (source:Aon Hewitt/Gallup)
  • As few as 15% of employees are fully engaged, which means 85% of us are just going to work.
  • Team members who trust their team leader are twelve times more likely to be fully engaged at work.
  • 15.4 million working days were lost in the UK due to work related stress, anxiety or depression in 2017/18. That’s 5.9 days per employee per year at an average cost of £656, which does not include reduced customer service or missed business opportunities.
  • The top predictors of employee turnover are a lack of job satisfaction, unmet individual needs, poor team dynamics and uncertainty about how they fit into future plans. With the cost of lost output and recruitment as much as £30,614 per person, can you afford not to increase retention?


We seek to change these figures by working with businesses on a range of aspects that underpins people being their best:

1. Leadership Style

a. Creating the right culture for employees to be their best

b. Managing employees to achieve high performance

c. Awareness of the commercial implications of decisions and actions and communicating these effectively

d. Developing communication & emotional intelligence, shown to be more impactful than IQ

e. Management responsibilities including goal setting, planning, feedback

2. Team dynamics

a. Utilising strengths and passions to enable teams to excel

b. Reality review of the here and now, and identifying where to go next

c. Recruitment and onboarding

d. Promoting positive performance within a team framework

3. Wellbeing

a. Mental health: Promoting good mental wellbeing for all, and supporting people experiencing challenges

b. Stress: Increasing individual resilience and reducing workplace triggers

c. Lifecycle Implications for Engagement (L.I.F.E): Recognising and overcoming barriers to thriving such as poor sleep, life changes and health challenges.


Developing a culture of strong leadership and wellbeing cannot be achieved by one-off workshops. That simply ticks a box for training. Real change requires a holistic approach to the workplace and the workforce.

Through a collaborative partnership with you over time, we support you to increase employee engagement, performance and retention, profits, employee value proposition and client reputation.

We help you become the company employees want to work for and customers want to work with.


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*Conference Board and Development Dimensions International

Our Trainers

Lisa LLoyd

I help leaders understand what they can do differently in the workplace to create a culture for employees to excel, where teams are dynamic and where people are happy. Being a chartered psychologist gives me a point of difference to understand what’s going on and enable change.

Helen Joy

I am passionate about helping businesses to grow from the inside out. I believe we are all capable of creating a work environment that is motivating, inspiring and engages everyone to achieve their best. Having spent 15 years in various senior operational and training roles in the recruitment industry I have a clear understanding of the commercial realities of business and the need to balance development with results.